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An Overview of St. Christopher Academy

An accomplished educational professional with more than three decades of experience in the field, Darlene Jevne currently serves as the Director of St. Christopher Academy in Seattle, Washington. Founded in 1982 as a state-approved, nonreligious day school for high school students, St. Christopher Academy designs its educational services to meet the needs of students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, attention deficit disorder (ADD), and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and students who are academically at-risk. By employing a staff of highly experienced educators and administrators and maintaining class sizes of only five to eight students, St. Christopher Academy hopes to provide equal educational opportunities for all students.

St. Christopher Academy sets out to foster a high-quality educational environment that encourages students to discover their own style of learning, express their creativity, succeed academically, and grow as individuals. To accomplish its mission, St. Christopher Academy keeps class sizes small and draws upon the specialized skills of its staff to challenge students to increase confidence in their academic abilities and become their own strongest advocates. By instilling a sense of self-confidence in students, St. Christopher Academy believes that it can prepare them to handle the challenges of college and life in an effective manner. Throughout the years, a large number of graduates from St. Christopher Academy have gone on to attend four-year universities, technical schools, community colleges, and the military.

Study at St. Christopher Academy closely mirror those found in traditional high school settings, with basic math, history, geography, science, and physical education. In addition to the standard curriculum, St. Christopher Academy also provides a number of specialized services such as study skills programs, SAT services, life skills, and individualized academics. Students at St. Christopher Academy can also participate in a number of sports teams, which adhere to a strict “no cut” policy and foster an atmosphere of inclusiveness and encouragement. The school also features several miscellaneous activities and clubs, including a hand bell choir, sailing club, robotics team, photography club, senior trips, yearbook, and school newspaper.

For more information on the program offered by St. Christopher Academy or its application process, visit the website at www.stchristopheracademy.com.